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Surface Technology

Surface Finishes & Standards

BS 1449 Part 2 - 1983/Table 1 –Euro Std. EN10088-2 1995/Table 6

  • Please note – reference to the standard number quoted in isolation will not assure consistency of polish.

  • BS 1449 Polish No. 5/Euro Std. Polish 2K should be specified when the Satin polished surface is intended for prolonged exposure to marine, industrial or contaminated atmospheres; in order to minimise staining.

COARSE GROUND 80 GRIT B.S.1449 No. 3A (EN 10088-2 No. 2G)
A uniform finish with a coarse texture. Variations on this finish are 60 grit (Extremely coarse texture) and 100grit (Slightly less coarse in texture)

DULL POLISH 180/240 GRIT B.S.1449 No 4 (EN 10088-2 No 2J
Unidirectional abrasive surface texture with little reflectivity. Extremely popular surface finish.

240/S B.S.1449 No 5 (EN 10088-2 No 2K)
Similar to No. 4 Dull polish but with a smoother surface texture with a little more reflectivity. Achieved by using Silicon Carbide Abrasive Belts.

240 IMAGE B.S. 1449 No 5 (EN 10088-2 No 2K)
This is Warley Polishing Companies Customised In-House surface finish. Created by Warley Polishing Company and is suitable for numerous applications from purely architectural to specialist requirements i.e. Food hygene and medical applications. Smooth easily cleaned surface with batch to batch matching. Produced using Silicon Carbide abrasives along with special lubriction tequniques.

A semi-dull, smooth surface finish. Produced by using bristle type brush.
Particularly shallow polish – therefore suitable for thinner gauge base material. Reference to a larger sample is recommended when first-time specification is involved. Available as standard (Shortgrain) or straight run (Long grain)

BRIGHT POLISH B.S. 1449 No. 7 (EN 10088-2 No. 2P)
A commercial bright surface finish. Polished with cloth Mops and suitable polishing composition. Viewing distance of 2 metres plus. Alternatively BRIGHT BUFF is available for less critical applications with a viewing distance of 3 metres plus.